Ranging from Education to Business Consultancy in the EU Dental Market


As Education stands at the baseline of every health care profession, European Dental Society is compromised in defending EU Educational parameters which enable dental professionals from EU Countries to achieve high-quality skills, and in providing Formation to Dentists and dental Students.


European Dental Society is an indipendent European Organization which, within its services, provides promotion of Dental Education offered by third organizations, which respond to high quality formation. Our promotion activity mainly involves formation courses and congresses in Europe and in other countries which share our view for achieving the maximum quality standars in Dental Education.


European Dental Society is focused in providing business consultancy in European Dental Market. Our consultancy services rely on a wide dental network, specially settled with the EU Countries. Such network include a wide proportion of dental professionales such as: dentists, editors, enterpreneur, academics, dental students, clinic managers, dental jobs recruiter and other external professionals.

Our services also include:

  • Marketing Assistance
  • Dentists Recruitment
  • Dental Market Analysis
  • Dental Clinics Internal Design
  • Dental Professional Networking
  • Events Organization and Assistance
  • Dental-Healthcare Pathways Design
  • Dentists and Students Assistance for Professional Mobility within the EU Countries