Digital Dentistry Conference

A new vision on Digital Dentistry

06 March 09:30 – 17:00

Arts Two Lecture Theater, Queen Mary University, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, UK

This is an exclusive introduction to the Digital Dentistry, referring to the use of advanced dental technologies in corporation with digital and/or computer-controlled components, carrying out dental procedures and presenting your research. This Conference is  sponsored  by UKDentalCourses and will host at Mile End (Arts Two Hall at Queen Mary University). Logos in posters representing speakers organisations.

This conference provides opportunity, clearer understanding of digital dentistry with explanations of how to implement the theory into dental practices.

You will be introduced to the latest innovations and discussions in digital dentistry, focusing on prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontology and implantology.

You would get a chance to see the technologies within the exhibition hall, talk and network with organisations and peers.

Researchers also get an opportunity to present their work both in oral or Poster Presentation and participate in Best Presenter Competition Awards.

Delegates can also hear from some of the leading organisations about how practitioners can transform their practices including  

Aims & Objectives:

The main aim of this conference is to familiarise the professionals with:

Digital Dentistry background,

Existing technologies,

Practical and reliable methods in clinical situations,



and Printers

This conference is designed for the General Dental Practitioners (GDP), Undergraduate and Postgrad Students and specialised professionals.

Conference Objectives:

By the end of the session, the delegates should be able to demonstrate improved skills in digital dentistry.

Conference outcomes

By the end of the day, delegates will be up to date on their knowledge of Digital Dentistry and gain a fundamental understanding of Digital technology in dentistry and its applications.

Understand the advantages and disadvantages to determine which technology would be best suited to your practice or organisation.

Understanding of the various available printers used in digital dentistry and their applications.

Better understanding of how to Scan and Design your work.

Digital impressions

Discuss about advantages and disadvantages of existed systems.

Highlighting some existed issues in digital dentistry.

Exploring features of current digital systems and software

Existed protocols and diagnosis.

ABCD = GDC development outcomes

CPD Course hours:

6 Hours – One Day

Poster and Oral Presentations

The Digital Dentistry Conference committee also invites researchers to send in the abstracts of their paperwork to be entitled to be able to present as Poster Presenters at this imperative gathering on the Conference or provide an Oral Presentation and participate in Best Presenter Competition Award

Please email digital for more details.

Subject area:

Digital Dentistry -Investigations, Diagnosis and Treatments variety of pathologies


Should you have any enquiry regarding this course please contact


Confirmed Speaker are: Planmeca (UK / HelsinkiGSK), Prof. Graham Davis (QMUL). Dr Lifong Zuo (QMUL), Dr Pete Tomlins (QMUL), Dr Riaz Yar (ModJow), Dr Rupert Austin (Kings College), Dr Tashfeen Kholasi, DDU, GSK.  

There are more provisional agreements with organisations and professionals that would be announced shortly.

Important Notes:

Before purchasing any ticket be sure that you have find the appropriate ticket for yourself.

Please read the tickets’ descriptions carefully.

If your ticket doesn’t include lunch, and you wish to enjoy provided catering, then you should purchase the Lunch Coupon separately and present at the conference.

By purchasing a ticket or agreeing to attend or participate on any of courses or conferences, you agree to have your photograph taken, and give the UKDentalTeam team permission to put your photograph(s) on websites, use your photograph(s) in printed material (e.g. reports, leaflets, newspaper articles, news releases) and use your photograph(s) in presentations (e.g. at conferences or seminars). In case you are not happy you need to inform us in written form, and we would not use any picture taken from you.

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