UK Dental Courses

European Dental Society is glad to welcome UK Dental Courses within our Collaborators.

The aim of establishing UK Dental Courses (UDC) is to help professionals and organisations improve the health and lives of people. By enabling health professionals to develop their skills, we would be able to provide better health care for our society.
Through working together with professionals health groups, speakers and organisations we have created an efficient and more effective learning environment for the healthcare community.
This would be a unique place where you can find a course that is needed or create a course that you want to run in a specific area.
Our aim is to provide a single platform for all the dental events and courses in the UK, therefore your feedback would be highly appreciated for further improvements.
Today we provide:
BDN (Business Dental Networking) to help dental related businesses, UKDJ (UK Dental Journal) to facilitate and help professionals specially researchers with their publications, Professional Showcase to introduce professionals to our dental society, Educational Conferences to provide appropriate conditions for our dental professionals up dating themselves with the latest innovations and discussions, and also providing short term courses such as CPDs (Continuing Professional Developments) for our members and dental professionals.
Our members are increasing everyday from all over the world which make us very happy and thankful for your support.

European Dental Society is happy to collaborate with UK Dental Courses, a leading educational and business Organization in UK, which shares common Values and Perspectives about the Dental Profession and both educational and economical sector. You can find additional informations about UK Dental Courses and its related services at the following links:

Professional showcase:
Short term courses:
UK Dental related News:

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